Joshua Lutz, Mark’s son and an artist in New York City, created several songs in response to the UnPoverty movement. Each song tells the story of one chapter and lesson from UnPoverty. Please help yourself to these full-length pop/folk mp3s of his music as you learn more about those struggling to survive on a few dollars a day. Here’s what is currently available.

Esther Chapter One 4:10
Gratitude Chapter Four 5:50
Never Get Enough Chapter Ten 4:23
Devil’s Door Chapter Eleven 6:20

All music, vocals, lyrics and instruments are by Joshua Lutz. Creativity is just one tool in our arsenal to defeat extreme poverty in one generation. Like the profits from the book, Joshua is donating all proceeds from his forthcoming UnPoverty CD to help end extreme poverty.

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This book is redemptive and an inspiration. Mark’s deep analysis will be a great encouragement to third world readers and a transformational instruction to the western world. He encourages us to respect, trust and facilitate this positive change. Poverty anywhere in this world can be eradicated. I hope many will be joining the growing chorus that “it can be done!”

The Rt. Rev. John Rucyahana, Bishop of Shyira Diocese, Rwanda